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PCIP enrollees can purchase prescription drugs through the Express Scripts/Medco Pharmacy home delivery service or at a participating retail pharmacy.

Your costs for medication are determined by:

  1. Where you buy your medication. You can purchase medications through Express Scripts/Medco Pharmacy home delivery or through participating retail pharmacies.
  2. What type of medication you take. You save money when you take generic drugs.

Express Scripts/Medco offers an Extended Payment Program (EPP) to make your mail-order prescriptions more affordable. When you enroll in EPP, you can spread your prescription payments over three installments. There is no waiting – your medication is shipped after the first payment. To get started with EPP, call the toll-free Express Scripts/Medco number on the back of your prescription card or visit

You may also save money by using preferred drugs from the Express Scripts/Medco Drug Formulary. For example, brand-name drugs may have generic versions that may have lower copayments. Go to Preferred Prescriptions® for information and to access a formulary list of medications.

Certain specialty drugs which are injected or infused are subject to copayments. Please refer to the PCIP Brochure for complete information. Click for a list of PCIP's current Specialty Drugs (PDF).

My Drug Costs

2013 out-of-pocket drug cost
To find out what your cost share will be for a prescription drug in 2013, click on the link below:

The links above will take you to Express Scripts/Medco, PCIP's prescription drug benefit manager. Once at the Express Scripts/Medco website, enter your prescription drug name and you can find out exactly what you should pay out-of-pocket for that drug. The amount you will see displayed on the Express Scripts/Medco site is your cost before meeting your plan deductible. If you have met your plan deductible, you can review what you will pay for prescription drugs in the PCIP Benefits Summary.

My Rx Choices

If you are a PCIP enrollee and you take medications on an ongoing basis, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year when you use Express Scripts/Medco's My Rx Choices online benefit service.

After you access My Rx Choices, you'll get a confidential and personalized prescription drug comparison, listing the drugs you're taking on an ongoing basis, your current out-of-pocket costs and any lower-cost alternatives – including lower-cost brand or generic drugs. From your personalized comparison, you can choose which lower-cost alternatives you want to try, confirm with your doctor that the alternatives are appropriate for you, and start saving money. Express Scripts/Medco will not make changes without your doctor's approval, and will notify you if and when changes are made.

The form listed above is in PDF format, which allows you to view it electronically on most computers. The Adobe Acrobat® reader is required to view and print PDF files. If you do not have the reader, click to download Adobe Acrobat for free.

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Generics Rx Advantage

Now there's an easy way for you to save money all year long. The two ways you can save are that you could pay $0 for your first order of generics, and you could get a $25 discount on select brands that will soon have generic versions. Plus, standard delivery is free. To sign up, click

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